Marc dela Cruz on Saturday became the first actor with Filipino roots to play Alexander Hamilton on Broadway.

In a post by actress Olivia Oguma on Facebook, dela Cruz’s name appears right across that of the titular character’s in the Lin-Manuel Miranda musical “Hamilton.”

“Tonight … we had the first Asian-American Alexander Hamilton in ‘Hamilton’ on Broadway. Just wanted to let everyone know. Marc de la Cruz I have never been more proud of anyone. I’m so happy for you,” she wrote.

Based on his Instagram posts, dela Cruz began his stint as part of “Hamilton” back in December.

“I am FILLED WITH GRATITUDE for the creators and originators of Hamilton. It’s an honor to help share this astoundingly crafted and important piece of theater,” he wrote.

According to an article by The FilAm, dela Cruz used to play a variety of roles when he joined the musical including the revolutionary general Philip Schuyler, the congressman from Tennessee James Reynolds, and Philip Hamilton’s doctor.

Furthermore, The FilAm said dela Cruz also understudies the characters of the “Founding Father without a father,” his son Philip Hamilton, King George, and the temperamental statesman from South Carolina John Laurens.

“I am over the moon to be a part of Hamilton,” he told The FilAm in an interview. “I’ve been a fan of Lin-Manuel Miranda since I saw ‘In the Heights’ and I always wondered at the possibility of being in something he created.”

“I had been listening to the cast recording for so long and had become such a fan of the music. Suddenly I’m finding out that I’m going to be singing it every night on Broadway—it all took a second to sink in,” he added.

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